Today, I chased a butterfly….

Literally! I actually chased a butterfly down a hill.

Last week I totally got into the Run Selfie Repeat podcast. As a newish runner (I don’t think I’ll ever feel like a real runner 🙈) I love reading or hearing about other people, who aren’t elite athletes, who find running hard but still love it. Anyway, the podcast I was listening to on the way from work to my run was the one about ‘no regret, no excuses’. She spoke about people asking her to try to qualify for Boston but being afraid to try incase she failed. The idea that if you try your absolute best and don’t achieve the thing you set out to but you gave your absolute best, then you still totally won! I love that!

I easy run every run. Now, that doesn’t mean that every run is easy, but I just don’t push myself to be faster and really it’s probably because if I’m slow I can be all “oh yeah I’m a tortoise but I love the experience” but if if I actually try hard and fail, that’s embarrassing. But really listening to this podcast has really changed my mindset!

So I got to the park all inspired. Started running and was at an ok pace for me. Picked up a bit on a short downhill and just looked around at the beautiful setting caught sight of butterfly and started to chase it.

Why? Who knows!

Did I think I would catch it? No.

Did I want to catch it? No.

But I still chased it. And I still had all this stuff in my head about not being afraid to try and I picked up my pace after that damn butterfly and once it flew off I held my pace. It turned into fastest time round 3 miles I have done in a very long time. 😊😊

I even found myself a little stump podium at the end ❤️

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